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Dariusz Kossakowski, conducting business activity under the name of Kancelaria Prawna [Law Firm] dr Dariusz Kossakowski – legal adviser in Warsaw (00-193) at 2a, ap. 1, Stawki Street (hereinafter referred to as “the Law Firm”) is an entity which places Cookie Files in the electronic terminal device of the Website User (“Device”) and obtains access to these files.


I. Definitions

  1. Cookie Files – means IT data, small text files (the so-called “cookies”), which are retained in the electronic terminal device of Website User, through which Website User uses the Website. Cookie Files allow for recognizing your device and usually store information such as the cookie file retention period in your electronic terminal device, the name of the Website and other data specific to the Website.
  2. Device – means an electronic device through which the User accesses the Website, e.g. a computer, tablet, etc.
  3. User – means an entity that obtains access to the Website through the Device.


II. Types of Cookie Files used

Cookie Files used by the Law Firm are safe for Website User Devices. Cookie Files do not allow viruses or other unwanted software to reach the Device of the Website User. The Law Firm uses the following types of Cookie Files:

    1. session files: i.e. files which are stored in the User’s electronic terminal device and remain on this device until the User leaves the Website or closes the Internet browser. The stored information is then automatically deleted from the device memory.
    2. persistent: i.e. files which are stored in the User’s electronic terminal device and remain on this device for the time specified in the parameters of Cookies Files or until they are independently deleted by the User.

Cookie Files do not cause any configuration changes in the Device or in the software installed on the Device.


III. Objectives for the use of Cookie Files by the Law Firm

The Law Firm uses Cookie Files for the following purposes:

    1. adjusting the content of the Website to the needs of the User,
    2. statistical – anonymous statistics of visits to the Website,
    3. improvement of the Website.


IV. User’s ability to determine the conditions of storage or access by Cookie Files to the electronic terminal device used by the User 

  1. Website User can change the settings for Cookie Files at any time. The User may change the settings for Cookie Files by changing the settings of its Internet browser. They can be set in such a way so that Website User would be informed each time Cookie Files are placed on User’s terminal device or so that all or some of the Cookie Files would be automatically accepted or rejected. However, then some features of the Website may not work properly. You will find detailed information about the possibilities and methods of using Cookie Files in the settings of your Internet browser, e.g. in the Internet Explorer browser, in the Chrome browser or in the Opera browser.
  2. More information about Cookie Files can be found at www


V. Contact

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