Aviation law is a branch of law regulating legal relations in the field of civil aviation. The sources of aviation law are generally recognised principles of international law, global and regional international treaties, bilateral agreements between states and internal laws of states. The multiplicity of sources of aviation law causes difficulties in the proper application of this law and sometimes gives rise to conflicts (conflict of norms in time or space or both in time and space).

In this case, we try to be useful to our Clients who deal with this type of business activity. We also have a vast practice in the application of European law in this area. We try to actively participate in the development of this branch of law in the era of a rapid development of aviation technology, which forces legislators to quickly adapt legal standards to the ever more dynamic reality.


Conducting civil and administrative proceedings, inter alia, in the scope of issuing licences and permits before the President of the Civil Aviation Authority and aviation damages

Preparing and issuing opinions on agreements and regulations related to running the aviation activities

Support for obtaining the certificates, permits and notifications necessary to conduct an aviation activity

Consultancy and legal services for investments in airport infrastructure, including representation before public administrations and courts